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Your Chance To Be A Slave...


I can be generous enough to give you a chance to become my slave.
First of all, read carefully the Rules.
Second, contact Me and inroduce yourself in a proper way.
Third - realise that good slave should be useful.
So after you have payed initial tribute be ready to pay more and more.
I know you just love to be used this way by your Goddess and
become my money slave and personal ATM for my needs.
Draining you till the last penny would make Me really excited.
Remember your role - to satisfy My needs, to pay My bills, pay My luxery life.

You can pay some of my monthly bills:


Supermarket - $200
Bills (water, electricity, Internet, TV, Housekeeping) - $250
Cars - $400
Gym - $100
Spa, massage, yoga - $300
Salon (nail care) - $100
Shopping - $1000
Pocket money - $150
Travel savings - $500
Go out - $600











Slave should know his place, so find out your level in My classification:

Level 1: My admirers (the ones who appear in my life from time to time and spend $50-100 per month)
Level 2: My Regular Visitors (the ones who come weekly to buy My videos on stores, order custom videos monthly and send cash on My card or PayPal around $100 per month)
Level 3: Virtual slaves (the ones who send Me around $500 per month and can recieve personal videos and e-mails from Me, as well as chat with Me on Skype when I'm online)
Level 4: Live slaves (the ones who send Me $1000 and up monthly as well as expencive gifts, are allowed to be controlled by Me and ask for personal meetings and  sessions, meetings while I travel)

If you do not have money - still try to be useful for Me! Promote your Goddess to increase My sales, make more people know about Me!

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