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1. How can I contact You?

 - you can use Contact Form on site to send Me a message.


2. Why are You not answering my messages?

 - that's true that I no longer answer all messages that i get. There are several possibilities that you do not get responce:

 a) your English is unreadable;

 b) your message is written in inappropriate manner (such as: you forget greeting, you do not introduce yourself, you sound impolite).

 c) you keep on asking about the things which a clearly written on site. Be attentive!

 d) I do not have time to answer you at the moment, you need to wait your turn for My attention.


3. Where are you from?

 - I'm from St-Petersburg, Russia.


4. Can I meet you?

 - I do not offer personal meetings, especially to strangers. Read attentivelly information For slaves to find out who could get a chance to meet Me. NOTE: the fact you decided to visit My city  doesn't mean I have to meet you.


5. How can I become Your slave?

 - you need to start with reading the RULES. I do not answer slave requests before you paid your initiation fee. You can do it using information from My Wishlist or Contact Me for details where to send it. As soon as you done I gonna pay attention on you and your request. NOTE: you have to think how you could be useful for Me in future. I do not need useless slaves. If you can't pay regulary - use your brain and offer something you could do. If you do not have neither money nor brain - do not waste My time!


6. Is it possible to send You a gift?

 - yes, sure :) please, use Contact Form and site admin will email where you can send it.


7. When is Your Birthday?

 - it is on 7th June, be ready ;)


8. Do You give cam/Skype sessions?

 - read info in Video Sessions section. I currently do not give cam sessions. There will be announcement here on site and on My Twitter when I start it again.


9. Do You make custom videos?

 - yes, I do. Average pricing starts from $100 per 10 mins and depends on scenario. You can Contact Me for details.







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