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Before you go further, learn the rules you have to keep in mind while being here:


1. By applying to be My slave you show a desire to serve Me and ONLY Me, unless I tell you to do the opposite.

2. You always mind your manners and language, stay polite and humble and address Me as Mistress, Miss or Goddess.

3. You must understand that you can't get My attention without paying an initial TRIBUTE. You define your status as a slave by making regular donations to Me. Click Here to find out how.

4. Slave MUST work hard to fulfil My wishes, be giving and willing to please Me in all possible ways.

5. I require from slaves the following: honesty, modesty, total adoration, being hard working, punctuality and TOTAL SUBMISSION. I have zero tolerance to cheating and trying to mess up with Me. Second chance would cost you a fortune if you ever get one.

6.My orders are not being discussed. I respect your limits and I know better what u must do. Always be thankfull and accept punishments with honor.

7. I do not accept slaves younger than 18 years old, that is not even for discussion.

What You Can Expect From Me...
Or Better Say What I Expect From You:


Financial Domination, Human ATM's, Paying Pigs
Mind Control & Brainwashing
Orgasm Control, Masturbation Instructions, Breath Control
Humiliation & Degradation, SPH (Small Penis Humiliation)
Tease & Denial
Sissification, Cross Dressing, Forced Feminization, Slut Training
Chastity Training, Cuckold, Blackmail
Corporal Punishment, CBT, Nipples Play, Body Abuse
Foot Fetish, Fingernail Fetish, Lipstick Fetish
Shoe Fetish, Nylons, Fetish Clothes

Things I DO NOT Offer: any services such as personal meetings or escort, pedo-, zoofilic subjects, various "golden", "brown" showers, any subjects connected to minors

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